Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

 SectylifePatron® developed in cooperation with GFZ- Geo Research Centre, Potsdam, Germany is one of the best available device in the world for onsite earthquake warnings.
Dr. Vivek Mahadev

CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai

The time lapse between the sensing of threshold to the arrival of strong S wave input could be used as pre-warning time.
(Comments given in the test report)

CSIR – Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai

Prevention of false warning could be due to the multi-channel recording and probably, a triangulation is in built  and the source distance estimated.
(Comments given in the test report)

Department of Revenue and Disaster Management , Government of Haryana

Successful demonstration cum inauguration program of this system was organized in the building. The demonstration shows that it is a reliable system and will surely enhance the quality of earthquake preparedness of the building. It is a system that senses the primary waves of an earthquake and calculates the intensity. It is programmed in such a manner that it disconnects the gas supply, power supply, stop the elevators on safest position, opens emergency exit gate and gives alarm in case of earthquakes of high intensity of more than 5. This system can be connected to the building management system also.

Dr Dalip Singh, IAS
Additional Chief Secretary and Financial Commissioner

Comments to feel Proud

Thanks to your demo recently about the earthquake warning system installed in our New Haryana Civil Secretariat building, sector-17, Chandigarh, I could keep my calm during the earthquake on 10th April 2016 at around 4:10pm. It was a Sunday and I was almost alone in my office completing some works in view of the forthcoming holidays in the week.

The suddenly, I  felt my chair shaking even as I was working on the computer. I could make out that it was a quake but I looked out for siren which was not wailing. So I  thought this must have been a mild episode and did not run anywhere and simply kept sitting in my room. I watched out for any signal but all seemed calm and finally the shaking also stopped in about a minute or so.

So Thanks to your system and the demo. I was spared the normal panic at such events.

I hope you continue with the good work.

Sunil Kumar Gulati, IAS,
Additional Chief Secretary,
Social Justice & Empowerment,
Government of Haryana,Chandigarh