As a result of complex and costly seismic research, Japanese have come up with a solution to protect its country and people from devastating earthquakes and tsunamis. In case of Japanese early earthquake warning and security technology, the fault zones are identified, including Atotsugawa Fault, Kego Fault, Neodani Fault and Tatsuda Fault; and sensors are installed on each of these. A control room is the heart of all operations, that keep eye on ongoing seismic activities. When any sensor detects the movement of the rocks, it signals to control room. This system is quick and even detects primary waves before it actually hits the control room. With this technology, the damage to infrastructure and loss of lives can be reduced.

Whereas, Secty LifePatrons® earthquake detector technology allows Onsite Installation. The system attached with Building management will automatically work, sense primary waves and trigger alarm immediately, warning people around and far of upcoming, disastrous secondary waves. This system allows people to take measures to secure the building. This is a proven method to save hundreds to thousands precious lives. Moreover, this system will efficiently continue operating for years with very less maintenance requirement.