Principle of Technology

GFZ- German Research Center for Geoscience, Potsdam and Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany has given us the brain / principle for the technology. GFZ has developed an algorithm (acceleration, speed and frequency of earthquakes) and Secty Electronics GMBH has programmed this algorithm in software. Our brain is based on 100 years (2012) of scientific analysis of earthquakes of the world by GFZ. Onsite EWS developed by Secty Electrronics senses the  primary waves of an earthquake and its eight threshold values are programmed in such a manner by GFZ,  Potsdam to calculate the intensity of 5 at the threshold value  01 and triggers  alarm at the intensity of 6 (threshold value 02).

Threshold values 03, 04,  05, 06 and 07 are programmed in such a manner to shut off the running applications, like parking of elevators to nearest floors, shut off gas/power/water supply, and open exit gates.

Threshold value 08 tells that earthquake is in the building.

It is very useful for IT sectors, Educational Institutions, Shopping Malls, Public Buildings, Industries, Apartments, Multi-story buildings, Hotels, Cinemas, Shopping Malls, Public Buildings, Industries, Bridges, Tunnels, Public Warning, Metro/ Railways, Nuclear/ Power Stations, Oil refineries etc.