In last two decades, about a million people have died in earthquakes and the damage to asset is untold. Like we see thunder and lightning first and then hear the boom. Similarly, Earthquake emits two sets of waves, first primary (P waves) are harmless and following these are the damaging waves secondary (S waves) and surface (R waves). By detecting these primary (P) waves, we can predict and spread a warning of an oncoming earthquake. There is a severe need to issue an alert at least few seconds before secondary (S) waves strike.

We, at M/s Terra Techcom Pvt. Ltd., understand that in an emergency, every second counts. Considering the aforementioned issues. Mr Bijender Goel with a background of providing security services from the last two decades in many sectors decided to collaborate with a Germany based company- Secty Electronics GmbH. This joint venture brings to the country the first ever earthquake on-site Early Warning and security System (EWS). This on-site EWS is designed to detect the primary (P) waves and trigger a warning alert and take all security measures accordingly.

Secty Electronics GMBH has executed a research on the on-site Early Warning and Security System for continuous five years from 2001-2006 along with GFZ – Geo Research Center for Geoscience Potsdam. After successful research, this on-site EWS was tested successfully by many international scientific institutions, like TUV Engineering, Germany; Sharif University, Teheran, Iran; Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Germany and Institute of Geodynamics, and National Observatory of Athens, Greece.

Secty Electronics GMBH, Germany has successfully installed it’s advanced earthquake early warning and security system in twenty SAARC countries, including India.

M/s Terra Techcom Pvt. Ltd. in joint venture with Secty Electronics GMBH installed first ever early warning and security system in Chandigarh on 19th January, 2016 after getting it tested successfully from CSIR- Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai, India.

The products that are required in the installation are:

  • Earthquake detector secty lifePatron® MASTER
  • secty lifePatron® SUBMASTER
  • Indoor and outdoor alarms secty lifePatron®
  • Outdoor public alarm-SERCOM


About Managing Director

Mr. Bijender Goel is a Mechanical Engineer, who has been in the business of providing security services since 1992. He has a sports background along with an extensive experience working with the the Government of India. He held a rank of Minister of State in one of the prominent states in India; worked in Labor & Employment Ministry, Government of India and remained associated with a State Olympic committee. In 2015, he opened the gates of M/s Terra Techcom Pvt. Ltd.